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As already mentioned, there is something for every taste in the region.

I have put together a small mix of restaurants for you that have always offered good quality dishes and service over the past few years.


La Petite Colombe and Faber are the best examples of Haute Cuisine or simply good.

The South African cuisine from Cape Town to the Winelands is multicultural.
The majority of the chefs in the wine region still come from Europe or Asia. OR you honed your craft there.

Now they are combining their experiences from top gastronomy in France, England, Switzerland or Germany with the influences and tastes from South Africa ... A wonderful combination, I think.


The kitchen is innovative, but not purely fashionable, "Fusion" is not operated for its own sake, but only where it fits. It is always nice to see when the service or the kitchen crew present the dishes with so much enthusiasm at the table ... and when the aromas "tickle your palate" then I know I am at the right place.

TIP! Most restaurants can be conveniently booked through DINEPLAN.

It is best to download the app on your mobile phone in advance or simply click on the logo here



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