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Rental conditions (GTC)


General information about your stay:
  1. Do you have the access code for the key and the map with you?

  2. Basically, the beds in your domicile are prepared according to the number of people booked. If you want to sleep separately, please give us a hint before your arrival and we will prepare the bedrooms accordingly for you.

  3. If you use our grill or fireplace, please read our operating instructions carefully.

  4. If you arrive by car, there is a shade parking right in front of the door.

  5. Important note: We recommend that you put the key back in the outside safe after leaving the house. The key can never be lost. If you lose the key, you have the option of having a new key made yourself or we will do this for you for a fee.


Getting there:

We welcome you to your arrival from 13.00. Of course you can make an individual (free) other agreement with us if this is organizationally possible.

This is your lodge address:

Pearl-Valley Golf Estate. Cedarpoint 4 B, Paarl.


You will receive a detailed description of how to get there by email after your booking has been confirmed. If you have any questions or if you can't find the lodge straight away, call us directly or ask for help at the main gate.

On the day of departure, we would like to ask you to vacate the apartment / house properly by 3 p.m. (empty the trash can, dispose of bottles and paper, do the dishes, empty the dishwasher). All keys must then be returned to the external safe.



Rental conditions / as of February 1, 2021

The following rental conditions are part of the lodge usage contract:

General: Your contractual partner is


Jörg Langhof, Finkenweg 1,

18211 Admannshagen, Germany


as the authorized owner.


Account details:

Raiffeisenbank Wismar

BIC: DE08 1406 1308 0001 4019 63

1. Booking, rental agreement and down payment:

Your booking can be made by telephone / verbally, in writing or online.
A. Telephone / verbal rental agreements apply to both parties.
B. For the conclusion of a rental agreement, the completed contract including the rental conditions will be sent by the owner to the prospective tenant by post or email. The contract is only concluded if a copy has been signed by the tenant by post, fax or e-mail with the owner by the end of the period specified in the cover letter (usually dispatch date + 8 days). And the deposit of 50% of the rental price has been received on the account shown. The rental contract and the down payment are confirmed to the tenant in writing.
C. In the case of an online booking, the rental contract, including the rental conditions, is concluded by entering the guest booking data into the online input mask on the website and confirming the booking with a click of the mouse. The deposit calculated in the contract must be paid within 7 days.


2nd final payment:

The remaining payment of 50% of the rental price must be received in the account shown at the latest 50 days before arrival without further request. In the case of a short-term booking (see 1. A.), the total amount is due immediately.


3. Withdrawal, cancellation, no-show:

You can withdraw at any time before the start of the journey. The written receipt of the declaration of withdrawal by the owner is decisive for the calculation of the fees. Our flat-rate entitlement to cancellation fees is usually:

up to 180 days before departure € 50.00,

from 179 to 14 days before departure 80% of the overnight price,

from 13 days to the start of the journey or in the event of no-show 100% of the room rate.

If, after cancellation, the lodge is used again for the entire cancellation period and at least at full price, a processing fee of € 50.00 remains. If the holiday property is not rented out on all days and / or at a lower price, the resulting difference must be compensated.


However, if you as a tenant can name a third party who wants to use the holiday property for the same period under the same conditions and if a rental contract is concluded, the owner will be happy to accept this change in contract. The notification of a substitute must be in writing.

In the event of early departure there is no entitlement to a rental price refund.

It is recommended to take out travel cancellation insurance. Use the relevant insurance agencies for this.


4. Laundry / additional costs:

In principle, cleaning takes place once a week. Bed linen and towels are of course included in the rental agreement. Linen is changed once a week for the lodge. The additional costs for electricity, water and gas, WiFi are included in the rent. The final cleaning is mandatory as part of the contract and not an optional service.


5. Force majeure:

If the fulfillment of the rental agreement is immediately and significantly hampered, endangered or impaired as a result of force majeure (natural disasters, war, civil unrest), both parties can withdraw from the rental agreement.


6. Condition of the leased property, disclaimer of liability:

Minor deviations of the rental object, especially with regard to individual features, from the images shown on the Internet or otherwise are possible and do not constitute a defect as long as the usability is not changed. In the event of a defect in the rental object that was not caused intentionally or through gross negligence by the lessor, any liability of the lessor for compensation for non-performance is excluded.

The owner or their representatives are entitled to enter the rental property for the purpose of cleaning, carrying out necessary repairs or maintenance work or, in the case of imminent danger, even in the absence of the tenant.

The owner is not liable for loss or damage caused by items brought in on your part, including cars and bicycles; bringing your own property into the rental property, including placing the car or bicycle in the parking lot and parking space is at your own risk.


7. General obligations:

The specified maximum number of people also includes children and toddlers. In the event of overcrowding, we reserve the right to refuse unregistered persons and to demand the rental price plus any additional costs. All guests are required to adhere to the applicable house rules. Violating these house rules can result in eviction from the apartment without the rental price being refunded in whole or in part.

The interior of the lodge is a non-smoking area! Please don't smoke here. If you want to smoke outside, please lock the doors so that smoke cannot get inside.

Any complaints about the rental property (including those regarding the state of cleaning) must be reported to the owner immediately so that remedial action can be taken immediately. Otherwise it is assumed that you have found the rental property to your complete satisfaction. If there is culpably no notification of a defect, any claims of the tenant from the rental agreement are void.

All rented items that have been damaged or lost during the stay must be replaced by the renter. The tenant is obliged to report immediately all defects and damage that occur during the rental period. The registering tenant is personally liable for all fellow travelers. Smoking in the apartment is not allowed. In the event of a violation, the landlord is entitled to terminate the apartment without notice and to have it vacated and to pass on all consequential damages to the guest without deduction. During the stay, every tenant is obliged to keep the apartment clean himself. On the day of departure, the apartment must be handed over swept clean (empty the trash can, dispose of bottles and paper, wash dishes, empty the dishwasher, empty the stove). Any costs incurred for necessary clean-up activities after departure will be billed separately.

If the tenant has excluded himself from the rental property and a specialist company has to be commissioned to open the entrance door, the tenant bears these costs. If the tenant loses a key, the tenant bears the costs of purchasing and installing a locking system and the keys.


8. Children

Unfortunately, the lodge is not really predestined for romping around and playing.

That is why I consider the stay unsuitable for children and is only permitted on request.

However, there are many opportunities for your children to play on the area.

Since you know your children better than I do, please feel free to contact me about this.


9. Pets:

Pets are generally not allowed.


10. Internet use in holiday properties:

Internet / WLAN is included in the rental price and free of charge. However, the owner does not guarantee constant availability. We point out that the owner has no influence on data volume, speed and state of network operation due to the infrastructural conditions and liability is excluded.

The tenant undertakes not to use the internet connection for:

  • Dissemination or reception of criminal and / or illegal and / or immoral content or reference to such content;

  • illegal contact;

  • Use of peer-to-peer networks ("file sharing");

  • of national and international copyrights, trademarks, patents, naming and labeling rights as well as other commercial property rights and personal rights;

  • Intrusion into third-party data networks, data storage media or terminals ("hacking");

  • Establishing connections that result in payments or other consideration by third parties to the customer or third parties;

  • unsolicited sending of messages ("spamming");

Use of facilities or execution of applications that lead or can lead to disruptions / changes in the functionality or structure of the Internet connection provided. If the tenant violates these obligations, he is liable for damages.


11. Arrival / departure:

The lodge is available from 1 p.m. on the day of arrival. On the day of departure you can stay in the lodge until 3 p.m.

If you want to use other arrival or departure times, please discuss this with the owner.

12. Liability:

The liability of the owner is basically limited to intent and gross negligence and applies within the framework of the duty of care for the proper provision of the rental object. Neither the agent nor the owner can be held liable for road or construction work for which he is not responsible.

The owner is liable for damages based on an intentional or negligent breach of duty or an intentional or negligent breach of duty by a legal representative or vicarious agent, according to the statutory provisions. The owner is not liable for items brought into the apartments by the tenant.


13. Place of jurisdiction:

Basically we hope that there will be no such disputes. Otherwise, the law in the country of the rental property (South Africa) applies.


14. Severability clause:

Should one of these provisions be ineffective, this shall not affect the effectiveness of the rest.

All previous terms and conditions lose their validity with the appearance of the new terms and conditions.

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