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I have been traveling the world since I was very young. Was it still a bike tour to Copenhagen at the age of 14 or the first non-European trip to Sri Lanka at the age of 18, other countries and cultures have always fascinated me. I have now traveled to over 80 countries. Every year I wanted to see something new. And in 2005 it should be "just" a golf vacation. That's how I got here in this region.

When I was back in Germany, it was clear to me:


"I'll do that again next year."


No jet lag, friendly people, top golf courses, excellent wines and excellent restaurants and a lot of cultural attractions to discover.

I immediately took the whole Winelands into my heart. And the next trip to New Zealand, yes, I could do it for the year after ... I still haven't been to New Zealand ...


In 2021, I decided to get myself a refuge here, which I am happy to share with like-minded people, if I am not there myself. The estate itself is a guarantee for rest and relaxation, and I look forward to guests who are looking for exactly this here.

Jörg Langhof, Golfhouse Pearl Valley, Südafrika
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I am happy to provide you with tips about this beautiful region.


Sincerely you

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